Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Install flashplayer 10 with SvOlli's patch for EeePC 4G

After installing "firefox-upgrade" from Asus update the day before, I have been trying to re-install vlc, but in vain. Even trying to compile from source, there are so many unmet dependencies that I finally decided it does not worth the effort.

And besides vlc, we already know that this libc upgrade with "firefox-upgrade" is also causing problem with installation of build-essential (although a solution has already been found), and perhaps problem with even more other programs. So I came to the conclusion that it's not worth the hassle running into so many problem for this flashplayer 10.

Then I began to investigate on the other possible solution: SvOlli's flash10patcher which patches the libflashplayer10.so plugin to cheat that it only requires GLIBC 2.3. But does this patch cripples any functionality of flashplayer 10? After digging in Google for a while, I've found the answer in this adobe forum:

The Flash Player 10 Linux version is now compiled using -fstack-protector for security reasons. This feature requires glibc-2.4 or newer. You have no choice but to upgrade your system or stick with Flash Player 9 on that system.

More information on this feature: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stack-smashing_protection

We all know that buffer overflow is often used by hackers to hack servers. But for a netbook like EeePC, I don't think this is of any importance (unless you want to run a server with your EeePC!). So apparently we are not sacrificing any functional feature with this dependent library downgrade. Thus, to my opinion, this is the best solution for people having difficulty in watching youtube.com videos.

Patching flashplayer 10 with SvOlli's flash10patcher

Installation is very easy.

1) Download install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz
and flash10patcher-0.2.tar.bz2, and save them to /home/user.

2) Unpack the 2 packages and copy libflashplayer.so to the recently unpacked flash10patcher-0.2/ folder. You can do this either in File Manager or in a terminal:
tar zxvf install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz
tar jxvf flash10patcher-0.2.tar.bz2
cp install_flash_player_10_linux/libflashplayer.so flash10patcher-0.2/
To extract files in File Manager, just right click on the file and select "Extract All".

3) Open a terminal, change directory into flash10patcher-0.2/ and run the flash10patcher by entering the command "sudo ./flash10patcher" as below.
[NB. "sudo" is required as this has to be done with "root" privilege, i.e. with Administrator rights.]
/home/user>cd flash10patcher-0.2/
/home/user/flash10patcher-0.2> sudo ./flash10patcher
flash10patcher 0.2
reading libflashplayer.so
libflashplayer.so size: 10131640
replacing magic code 0x0d696914 with 0x0d696913
replaced at 0x00004e1c
replacing id string "GLIBC_2.4" with "GLIBC_2.3"
replaced at 0x000048b5
writing patched.libflashplayer.so
A patched library flashplayer 10 with the name "patched.libflashplayer.so" is generated.

EDIT 2009/9/12: Above is the screenshot I captured while doing this. To work in terminals, it is important to avoid typos, so the easiest way is to copy and paste the command to the terminal. Some people have sent me screenshots and I saw that they made typos while typing the commands, so I have added the commands only below. You just need to copy them with [Ctrl]-[C], then paste to the terminal of your EeePC with [Shift]-[Insert], then press [Enter].
cd /home/user/flash10patcher-0.2
sudo ./flash10patcher
Then do the same for the command in step 4 below.

4) Copy this new library flashplayer 10 to your firefox plugin folder (and rename it).
sudo cp patched.libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so
You can copy and paste this command into the terminal - [Shift]+[Insert] to paste. Or you can use the [Tab] key to help auto-complete file/folder names. This will help to avoid typos. Also this command has to be run from the folder "/home/user/flash10patcher-0.2".

You can also copy this patched library to the destination with a root File Manager by entering this command in a terminal:
sudo XandrosFileManager
This is how I did it. Very simple!


  1. Thanks for blogging about this patch - it's rectified my problem with Youtube. Cheers.

  2. I find it strange that the .bz2 file cannot be downloaded from a Windows machine. I'm at work and want to try and fix my eeePC but can't connect to our wireless with it. Frustration!

  3. So simple and it worked! Thanks heaps.

  4. Agreed it works. I've been trying all sorts to get flash working. Ted.com and NASA TV now work. Brill

  5. When I try to move the file using the last step i get this error:

    cp: cannot stat 'patched.libflashpayer.so': No such file or directory

    I am a new user and I have trieed everything in installing this! what am i doing wrong? im running eee pc 701 4gb with firefox v3.

  6. cp: cannot stat 'patched.libflashpayer.so': No such file or directory - This means the file 'patched.libflashpayer.so' has not been generated in step 3. Check if you have seen the message "writing patched.libflashplayer.so".

  7. I've tried and failed - aaargh (and I know its my fault). I copied and extracted all the files into a directory on my SD card. I can see everything there. Its all in the right place including the .so file from Adobe. Being a LINUX virgin I dont know how to use File Manager to execute the patcher. I'd love someone to email me the patched file to kewfriendATuk2.net

  8. sorted - I hadnt set the execute permissions on the updater . TX

  9. I have the same problem as Look to the Stars I know the new patchedlibflashplayer.so is there. I can see it, but I get the error message saying cp: cannot stat 'patched.libflashpayer.so': No such file or directory

    I saw the message saying the patched file was being written.
    What else can I do?

  10. I have edited the blog adding more explanations to the steps.

    For the "cp: cannot stat 'patched.libflashpayer.so': No such file or directory" error, make sure you are in the folder "/home/user/flash10patcher-0.2>" when you run the copy command.

  11. I'm struggling a bit with my little eeepc. I'm also a linux learner. I get as far as sudo ./flash10patcher and it reads:

    flash10patcher 0.2
    error opening file for reading: No such file or directory.

    Any ideas. I know it's something stupid I've done.

    All this to watch Poperty ladder in bed.

  12. You have been WAY more help than ASUS or ADOBE, but I'm still stuck.

    When you say, "make sure you are in the folder "/home/user/flash10patcher-0.2>" when you run the copy command"
    do you mean that folder is open when I bring up the terminal? Or is there some additional command that puts me in the folder?
    I can send you a screen shot showing that the flash10patcher folder is open behind the terminal that once again gives the error message "cp: cannot stat 'patched.libflashpayer.so': No such file or directory"

  13. Indiana Kreidlers,

    Send me a screenshot showing how you enter the command and any system message.


  14. Where do I send the screenshot? I can't find your email here. You can view it here:

  15. Indiana,

    OK! I saw your screenshot. You are in the wrong directory!

    Your screenshot shows that you are in /home/user, but the patched flashplayer library is in /home/user/flash10patcher-0.2. You need to change directory into the folder flash10patcher-0.2 before you run the copy command:

    cd /home/user/flash10patcher-0.2

  16. Thank you so much for your patience.How wonderful that an engineer in Hong Kong can help a retired teacher in Indiana. I am happily playing Lexulous on Facebook once again.

  17. albkwan,

    Thanks a million for this. It tremediously helped me upgrade my son's machine. One thing though, when I check the installed plugins it still shows version 9 as well. Will this be a problem.

    Thanks again.

  18. Running into some issues here. I installed everything as shown on your post, using terminal. My about:plugins shows that i'm rockin' this flashplayer 10. But when i go to any site that uses flash, it seems to crash my firefox. Everything just freezes. This happens on yahoo, hulu, youtube...pretty much any page that loads flash.

    Oddly, if i keep trying to access something (ctrl+alt+del/kill web then try again) it will eventually work. But that generally only lasts for a short while before freezing my browser again.

    I've tried your install a couple times. Currently i'm running into the error when the only change i've made to stock eeepc 701 4G setup is to get flash 10 using your guide.
    -is it possible this could happen simply due to a slow connection?

  19. After successfully installing flash player 10, it worked perfectly for several days. Now I get a blank space where the flash player game or video should display. There is no error message. I had installed Picasa on my eeePC, so I thought there might be some conflict there. But even after uninstalling I still bbet this blank space. Any ideas?

  20. Hi there,
    Found this URL via eeeUser forums. Before I begin your instructions to update to Flash 10 can you confirm if it will be ok on eeePC 900 default linux (whatever that is)?

    Thanks in advance!
    Miss Anh

  21. Help!!!!!!!!
    I've just bought a 2G Eee PC but i cant install Adobe flash...i never used Linux before so i am a complete virgin ha i dont understand even which download i need, any help would be muuuch appreciated.THANKS

  22. See previous comment. I upgraded to Firefox 3 and now my flashplayer 10 is working again.

  23. Hi, really great instructions, v clear. However I've got to the end of them, no error messages and as far as I can tell I've done everything but when I check for the plugin at about:plugins in FF as per your picture there's still no flashplayer listed! I've been trying for days to sort this out. Is there anything else you can suggest? I've got a 901 running the standard OS in Easymode. Thanks!

  24. Update: I went ahead and tried your instructions on 900 Easy Mode.

    YouTube now displays message 'An error occurred, please try again later.' No change on Facebook except that I think the error message is a different one.

    4 main differences on what should have happened (no idea about relative significance):
    1) After Step 3 of your instructions -my libflashplayer.so size: 9864208
    2) After Step 3 - missing text 'replaced at 0x00004e1c' and 'replaced at 0x000048b5'
    3) Mozilla crashes at Step 4 (so far 3 times)
    4) About:plugins page shows 'Shockwave Flash 10.0.0 d569'

    Fingers crossed, am missing those YouTube clips!! Thanks in advance.

  25. First I installed the patch. Flashplayer worked for about a week, then stopped.
    Next I updated to firefox 3 and flashplayer worked for a few weeks. Now it has quit working. I get just a blank space.
    Any ideas?

  26. perfect!! it worked like a charm. thanks! :)

  27. hi i just installed this and watched a youtube video to confirm but after restarting my eeepc will not turn on properly. it shows the white screen with the asus eeepc logo and the f2 for setup option, but imediatly after that it goes to a black over and over like its trying to start up, any help?

  28. after the logo screen i get the "starting system" screen, then then black sort of flashing screen which i can see the black "X" of the mouse between the flashing, its like the monitor is turning off and on

  29. Indiana,

    How do you upgrade to firefox3? If you did it thru Asus update, it would have already upgraded libc6 and installed the libflashplayer10 packed by Asus. So you don't need SvOlli's patch anymore.

  30. Peter,

    The last message seems to tell that the system cannot boot into X Windows, but flash player has nothing to do with system bootup and X Windows. What else have you done?

  31. thank you so much for sharing this information! i am pretty much computer illiterate when it comes to talking terminals and sudo's etc, but thanks to your simple instructions even i've managed to fix this problem :) SO much more helpful than anything else i've found!

  32. I got exactly Peter's problem. Eventually I gave up trying to sort it and restored the system from the dvd - losing all my data.

  33. omg this patch will be the death of me.. ok im still a n00b to terminal work and all that but i think i did it right up until now..


    plz help me out i read all other comments and none seemed to steer me in the right direction

  34. Shane,

    I have seen your screenshot. You have been making typos with the commands you entered. Try to copy and paste the commands to the terminal. See my edited post above.

  35. Hi. Instructions were real easy to follow, did everything correctly and avoided typos by copying your stuff - but now when I try and go on Facebook or Youtube my browser just freezes and crashes.

    Help? I'm pretty new to Linux (although I think I have Xandros on my pc, I've got the asus eee pc 2gb... though I'm told they are basically the same thing) but I am getting the hang of using the console and so on.

    Thanks. Abi.

  36. Thank you so much albkwan for this post...I tried installing flash 10 last night and neglected to back up my old .so for flash 9 file before I over wrote it. So I couldn't use flash at all though I though I had done everything right, not knowing the .so file had to be patched. Your post helped me get everything working.

  37. you just made my day. I've been trying to get flash 10 installed for months. thanks.

  38. ..its worked a treat on mine...cheers...

  39. Hi, I have the same exact problem as MissAnh above, except mine doesn't crash, it just gives another prompt, like nothing happened. No error messages--but no Youtube or BBC improvement either--and my about:plugins screen says I'm running 10.0.0 d569. Does this have to do with already having upgraded to a beta Flash 10?

  40. Those wonderful guys in EeeUser Forum have written a script and also packaged a deb for to do this easily. Read the last few posts of this thread: http://forum.eeeuser.com/viewtopic.php?id=77467

    BTW, you will get better support posting problem you encountered over there. I don't check for comments frequently here.

  41. Hi there, I've been unable to install flash 10 for months and chanced upon your site through google search.
    Basically I've copied and pasted all the commands but am stuck at the third command
    cp install_flash_player_10_linux/libflashplayer.so flash10patcher-0.2/
    when I type this, the response generated is
    cp: cannot stat 'install_flash_player_10_linux/libflashplayer.so': No such file or directory
    Any reason why this is so? I could send a screenshot- where should I send it to?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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  43. Thank you. This was the only decent upgrade adobe flash player guide for eee PC 701 Xandros.

    @cassiopeia..Sound like you missed this part of step 2

    "and copy libflashplayer.so to the recently unpacked flash10patcher-0.2/ folder.

  44. Thank you so much for this fix. Tried lots of things before but this has actually worked.Great!

  45. Thank you! I had actually given up on fixing the problem with Adobe Flash 10 being required for video... My eee pc 701 4GB Xandros 4.0 feels as good as new! ;-) ...and I actually thought about bying a new mini-laptop last night :-D

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