Saturday, March 21, 2009

Reinstall my EeePC from scratch

This week, I decided to reinstall my EeePC from scratch. So I have started this blog to keep a record of what I will be doing and post all the steps here how I am going to customize my EeePC to perfection.

Currently I have another copy of default Xandros booting from USB, so I will take my time to do this re-installation. And in the following days, I will experiment on some new hacks customizing my EeePC and I will post the steps here, also updating this page with links to the individual pages.

Setting up repositories for my EeePC 4G
VGA Utility for EeePC
Installing IEs4Linux and additional language support
Install flashplayer 10 with SvOlli's patch for EeePC 4G
Watch DVD on EeePC
Record TV programs with Asus U3100 Mini in my EeePC
Auto Shutdown my EeePC
Play gp5 files with tuxguitar in EeePC Linux
Play MIDI with fluidsynth in my EeePC
Upgrade my EeePC to Openoffice 3.1
Fix File Manager problem after Asus update

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