Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yet another test: Restore to minimal with 1.6 French iso

(cont'd from Part IV: 2nd Test restoring to minimal with 1.6.1 701 en iso)

One more test again tonight, with the 1.6 French iso. The approach is basically the same. Only difference is I need to modify the "" script to automatically change the line "DefaultLanguage=fr_FR" to "DefaultLanguage=en_US", and also edit /etc/apt/sources. list to change the line with "fr-channel" to "en". Here is the complete script package for this iso: restore-minimal-1.6-701-fr.tgz.

Apparently, this version has less factory installed packages, thus resulting in less to-be-removed packages - only a total of 676MB.
EeePC Linux 701 fr
Version: Eee PC
Build Info: 2008-07-08 05:45

remove_acroread.list 127 MB Acrobat reader
remove_drivers.list 537 kB Additional hardware drivers
remove_fr.list 59.7 MB French locales
remove_games.list 7094 kB Programs in GAMES folder of PLAY tab
remove_internet.list 119 MB Programs in INTERNET tab
remove_kids.list 59.2 MB Programs in LEARN tab
remove_ooo.list 235 MB
remove_play.list 52.6 MB Programs in PLAY tab
remove_settings.list 16.1 MB Selected programs in SETTINGS tab

Again original partition layout only used 87% in sda1 (now 97%). After resizing, sda1 reduced from 300 to 156 cylinders, and sda2 increased from 184 to 328 cylinders (original 1.4 GB to 2.6 GB now).

"fdisk -l" output:
   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System
/dev/sda1 1 156 1253038+ 83 Linux
/dev/sda2 157 484 2634660 83 Linux

Re-installing Removed Packages from downloaded repository

As for re-installing removed packages, experience is basically the same as with the 701 en-US iso in my previous test. The only difference is this time I am re-installing from a local repository of Asus Update 1.6 repo tree I have downloaded. Please refer to my previous blog for details.

One point worth mentioning is that do not update apt cache before you edit and change /etc/apt/sources.list and replace the original entries with the local repos entries.
deb file:/media/"D:"/1.6/ common main
deb file:/media/"D:"/1.6/ p701 main
deb file:/media/"D:"/1.6/ en main
Otherwise, synaptic will keep asking to download packages from and also remember firefox3 as the highest available version for firefox.

The packages of trouble are the same: mplayer that needs to be download and installed manually. The rest is very easy. In fact, this time I just re-install the packages according to the remove lists. Very easy!
sudo apt-get install `cat remove_drivers.list`
sudo apt-get install `cat remove_games.list.list`
sudo apt-get install `cat remove_games.list`
sudo apt-get install `cat remove_kids.list`
sudo apt-get install `cat remove_ooo.list`
sudo apt-get install `cat remove_settings.list`
For "remove_play.list", I need to download and install mplayer first.
sudo dpkg -i /home/user/mplayer_1.0~rc1-12etchxandros10_i386.deb
apt-get install `cat remove_play.list`
And for packages in "remove_internet.list", I don't know why, but I have to install libpurple0 and pidgin in this sequence.
cat remove_internet.list
apt-get install skype thunderbird asus-usbhandset firefox adobe-flash-player
apt-get install libpurple0
apt-get install pidgin
So like this, re-installation is much faster than with previous tests. And I ended up with 1319MB free disk space.

Like this, it should be possible to also automate the re-installation process with a script!

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